Fake or real? Deciphering the problem with Chanel’s “VIP Gift” bag


Note to Reader: The names and entities selling these questionable products have been removed to avoid advertising or encouraging people to do business with them. It is illegal and a criminal offense to promote the Sale of counterfeit merchandise.

In recent months, readers have bombarded me with questions on my Instagram about these Chanel “VIP Gift Bags” being sold online. These bags are marketed by resellers as “authentic Chanel” and range in price from PhP 4,500 to PhP 23,000 (approximately US$88 to US$395); not an easy sum to spend for most people, but still considered a fraction of the price compared to Chanel bags that one can buy directly from authorized Chanel boutiques around the world. A Chanel bag purchased directly from the French fashion house can cost upwards of PhP 150,000 (approximately US$3,000). A good number of the messages I received on IG were from people who had unknowingly bought these products, thinking they had gotten a great deal on a bag that local online resellers (based in the Philippines) proclaimed to be “real bags.” Chanel VIPs.” . Some of these resellers have disclaimers like this:

If the reseller claims they are actually “gifts” but has large quantities of them, this is considered commercial distribution and they are not authorized to do so.

So what exactly are these “Chanel VIP Gift Bags” that these resellers are selling?

To my knowledge (and this after having worked in the fashion industry both locally and internationally as a journalist for 10 years), a VIP gift item is given to a select and loyal VIP clientele who continue to patronize a certain brand, By “VIP”, this means customers who continue to spend more than US$20,000 on a regular basis within a period of time. The amount varies and is subjective for each brand and boutique, but each one has its VIP clientele, and these clients are usually invited to very special events (not just product launches or special Sales), and are also, on occasion, transferred to different countries to attend brand launches/shows.

A recent feature in Asia Tatler noted that Chanel’s VIP clients, like Hong Kong’s Lianne Lam, are pampered by the French fashion house on her birthday. She was sent a couple of sofa cushions along with chocolates and flowers on her recent birthday, and if she stops by the Chanel boutique in the Hong Kong Peninsula Hotel, her staff will bring her a cake, she will sing and sing to him. will serve tea. According to the report, Chanel “also sends personalized gifts for other occasions throughout the year, such as Mother’s Day, Christmas and New Years. These can be flowers, cakes or fashion items that are not for Sale, but those gifts are never repetitive. Chanel had also made special arrangements for a handful of her VIP clients to take a special tour of the Palace of Versailles in France, complete with a private guide, special access to certain rooms not generally accessible to the publicvisiting public and a visit away from the maddening crowds of tourists. VIP guests also enjoy exclusive trips to view fashion shows, while also being granted backstage access with the designer (Karl Lagerfeld in the past, and now Virginie Viard).

Gifts (loot) are also given to journalists and press people on some occasions (ie during fashion shows, press releases). These are typically company-branded products given away as a form of advertising. Until recently, due to my work in the fashion industry, I received designer products as gifts from the brands themselves: small purses, leather bracelets, scarves, notebooks and key rings to attend events they organized. I also got snow globes and miniature versions of a certain brand’s signature trunk for Christmas. Upon close inspection of all the special gifts I have received from these premium luxury brands, one thing I can say with absolute certainty is this: the quality of each item 100% reflects the brand’s reputation for excellent quality. None of those gifts were substandard or poorly made. There was nothing “cheap” about the gifts.

Going back to Chanel, I have been lucky enough to attendhomeunder the great domes of the Grand Palais in Paris during the time of Karl Lagerfeld.blank

One of the best shows of his in terms of visual engagement (in my opinion), is Chanelsupermarchéone — FW 2014/15. During this season, everything imaginable that you would find in a supermarket was stocked on the runway shelves, with the Chanel brand on every one of them.

Photos all by @thebaghag

Visual merchandising really was taken to the next level, and everyone was tempted to take something home off the shelves; Trust me, even high-profile editors were seen trying to take some home with them (haha, I saw someone trying to walk away with a big Chanel logo doormat, only to get stopped lol).

So I tried to take this whole cart full of Chanel groceries lol

Unfortunately, the supermarket merchandise was not meant to be given away as “VIP gifts” from Chanel, ha ha. While many were prevented from taking them home, some made it through security with those Chanel water bottles (but to date, I’ve never seen them resold on any marketplace platform). However, we all got a little bit of Chanel: I received a bottle of Chanel vernis nail polish in a small Chanel paper bag, which was placed at each attendee seat. I also received a Chanel box of sugared jelly beans (with the Chanel double C logo, a Chanel perfume bottle, and a Chanel bag, as well as a Chanel jacket instead of the usual bears). These were the Chanel show memorabilia everyone received. Later shows also saw the brand give away Chanel nail polish in the season’s newest colors.

I hope that sheds some light on what “VIP Gifts” mean. The topic at hand right now is Chanel’s “VIP Gift Bags” being sold onlinenea and which not only come in the form of cloth bags with double C logos, but also come in the form of caviar-look leather bags and calfskin. (with some styles similar to the pieces sold in Chanel boutiques). Online resellers on both Facebook and Instagram, as well as other popular marketplace platforms, claim that these products are “gifts for VIP customers.” I have mentioned above what Chanel normally gives its VIP clients, and these pieces that these resellers sell online, are NOT the type of gifts the fashion house gives.

These resellers who sell this merchandise with questionable authenticity go on to describe that these freebies are allegedly given to customers purchasing Chanel beauty products in certain countries. Needless to say, there is a clear distinction between a Chanel fashion VIP customer and a Chanel beauty customer who makes a purchase of more than US$200 to get a gift item.


You can often receive a “gift” if you spend more than $150 on the purchase of certain designer beauty products (like Dior, Estée Lauder, etc.) at beauty counters (from stores that have authorized distribution licenses). But labeling these gifts with purchase “VIP gifts” is misleading. Anyone who walks into an authorized Chanel beauty counter can enjoy a free gift if they exceed a certain amount of product purchase. These gifts usually come in the form of a small faux patent leather or cloth bag, and they also come with beauty swatches. These are called “gifts with purchase” or GWPs. (the official Chanel website) actually has some promotions going on:


These are the types of bags that Chanel gives to her beauty clients. And sometimes, Chanel packages products from some of her lines to include the beauty kit as a promotion to all her shopping customers.

Let me clarify and confirm this: yes, Chanel Beauty does have GWP promotional items for some of their beauty lines. In fact, I can attest to this. Fifteen years ago, I bought Chanel SpF beauty products and was given this free drawstring bag as a GWP at the Chanel beauty counter inside Nordstrom, San Francisco.

blankThe bag I received as a GWP was actually very well made, made of canvas on the outside and white waterproof fabric (PVC coated) on the inside. I also received samples along with that GWP. He was also not entitled to more than one GWP at that time. In fact, GWPs aren’t for commercial Sale, and you can’t buy $1,000 worth of beauty products just to get 10 of those bags. There was a limit of one GWP per customer; whether it was a Chanel beauty policy or a Nordstrom policy at the time, I can’t answer. And at the time, I didn’t think to ask them. I only bought the products because I was going on a beach trip with friends to Carmel.

But in all my years of living in the US and Traveling throughout Europe and Asia, I personally have never seen large leather handbags with the double C logo like GWP at Chanel beauty counters. I also asked friends and industry colleagues from Thailand, Germany,Singapore, France, Italy, Taiwan, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and China, and they also did not see these GWP Chanel leather bags in question (I showed them the leather bags that are being sold by online scalpers as “Chanel VIP gift bags ”).


Let me now share photos of one style of leather bags that scalpers sell as “Authentic Chanel VIP Gift Bag” on both Facebook and Instagram.

This leather bucket bag with gold hardware features the Chanel double C logo.

Reseller photo submitted by various Instagram contributors

The questionable “Chanel VIP” bag above shares the exact same style and design as this bag below, offered by an Instagram seller named XiaoFangMei.


I would like to point out that Xiaofangmei’s account has actually been legally named by CHANEL, INC. in a recent lawsuit filed in the District of Florida, with Case no. 18-63046-CIV-SCOLA, against 94 online entities last December 2018. The news of this lawsuit was disclosed in thiswebsite. If you are interested in the exact details of this case, you can look up the docket number listed below in the US District Court in Florida, as this is public record and is also an ongoing case.




The same bucket bag that is sold on Xiaofangmei’s account (which is the same bag that some of the online resellers offer), is not labeled “Chanel VIP” on the account. In fact, there are no Chanel subtitle references in Xiaofangmei’s post and there is only a Whatsapp number to contact the seller. Let me reiterate that this reseller has been named in a trademark lawsuit (for selling counterfeit goods) by Chanel. And most likely, this Instagram account is a mirror account (the seller’s “Plan B”) of the original, which Chanel has presumably closed.


I decided to do more research and ended up doing a thorough nosedive of the marketplace (all major China based marketplaces: Alibaba, Taobao, Pinduoduo, DH Gate… name the platforms, and probably went there to search using Chinese characters ) to trace the source(s) of these “VIP goodie bags”.

Regarding the same bag sold by Instagram reseller Xiaofangmei and also sold by online resellers, this is what I found:

The bag sells for a wholesale price of 149 yuan, equivalent to PhP 1,081 (approximately US$21) each. And the logo can be customized according to customer preferences. This same style of bucket bag has been produced by this manufacturer in bulk, and the bag is available for logo customization (including a CC logo, orders previously fulfilled by the same company). I found this manufacturer’s listing on one of the major China wholesale market platforms.

This was a photo of the same manufacturer, on a different slide. It shows an almost identical double C logo, but this specific sample has been modifiedand it was produced in one fell swoop to post on their website because the platform’s governance team is cracking down on counterfeit designer goods. In fact, in a smaller photo below, you can see the enlarged version where the double C logo that would have been present has been photoshopped away.

According to the manufacturer, their minimum order for the custom double C logo is 20-25 pieces per transaction, costing less than PhP 1,100/bag. The larger your order quantity, the lower your cost. And yes, they admitted to making this double C logo bucket bag (for resale and redistribution).

One of the local online resellers was offering the same bag (and calling it a “Chanel VIP bag”) for PhP 10,000, a markup of over 800% on what is actually a counterfeit Chanel bag made in China by an unauthorized manufacturer. — “unauthorized” because that manufacturer was never authorized to use the double C logo. By the way, this manufacturer took a lot of steps to ensure that their listing is not detected or flagged by the platform’s IP compliance team.

So, to reiterate, that the “Chanel VIP Gift Bag” offered by an Instagram reseller (whose IG photo is posted above), is the exact same “Chanel Bucket Bag” offered by Xiaofangmei (the account with Chanel’s current lawsuit). . Both are fake, available for wholesale order through a manufacturer in China.

So, your burning question about the authenticity of these “Chanel VIP Gift” bags has been answered. Those bags that scalpers sell online on various marketplace and social media platforms are FAKE. They are counterfeit Chanel bags that are marketed in a different way (not as “triple-A” counterfeits, but as so-called “VIP gifts”) to attract gullible buyers. Labeling these counterfeit products as “VIP gifts” makes them much more appealing and attractive to potential customers. After all, who doesn’t want to be a “VIP”?

But if you can’t even bring a “Chanel” leather GWP bag (especially if there is such a thing, because as I mentioned above, there isn’t) back to the Chanel boutique for repair or refurbishment at some point (because these resellers tell you that are “not really” Chanel boutique items, but “gift” items), why bother buying that “Chanel”-labeled item, even if it’s a fraction of the cost? Who are you kidding?


Why is there a proliferation of fake designer products today? The answers are quite simple: due to the increasing demand for top brands among consumers and the skyrocketing prices of new designer products. It’s also basic economics: it’s about the law of supply and demand. Many (mostly women) today feel the pressure (especially heightened by social media) to want to “belong” and be part of a special group of people who “can afford” luxury items. Many today feel there is a “need” to “keep up with the neighbors”.While consumers who can’t afford the real deal knowingly turn to fakes because of the price disparity (and because they think not everyone in their circle can tell if their bag is fake anyway), there are a significant number of that population that is fooled into buying a counterfeit thinking it is authentic. They are drawn to sweet “marketing” deals that are too good to be true. And this “Chanel VIP Gift Bag” theme is just that: in fact, it’s a deal that’s too good to be true. And unscrupulous resellers (as well as resellers who don’t really know any better) are quick to cash in on these buyers. After all, this is a business. And no one likes to lose money in business.

Manufacturers trust easily deceived buyers: they are the reason manufacturers’ businesses are thriving. Many stories have been told about how these manufacturers buy authentic designer handbags in Europe with the intention of dissecting those products so that they can replicate the patterns for mass production. However, some manufacturers simply rely on photos to produce these counterfeit bags. Once they have created their counterfeit bags, they use marketplace platforms to promote their products and advertise their supply ability.

Facing criticism from global markets, China-based online marketplaces such as Alibaba, Taobao, Pinduoduo, DH Gate are already working to crack down on manufacturers of counterfeit designer goods. And while the work Done to root out counterfeiting is ‘Not fast enough, these marketplace platforms have enforcement teams removing thousands of product listings and photos daily, from manufacturers and sellers selling products bearing the logos of unauthorized designers like Chanel’s. Repeat infringers who are caught violating intellectual property and trademark policies have their accounts suspended, resulting in an immediate loss of revenue. Unfortunately though, these companies have gotten smarter over time. When their accounts are closed, they simply open new accounts under different names to continue the business. They already managed to have plan Bs, Cs and Ds in place.

While these marketplaces continue to develop more sophisticated detection methods to weed out counterfeiters on their sites, many manufacturers are also keeping up and finding equally smart ways to evade them. A common way to avoid being targeted is for these sellers to redirect your inquiries to a different site or platform. A report by April Ma of Caixin Global stated that “store owners are wary of how they discuss imitation product issues with potential customers. When approached by Caixin, the merchants selling ‘Hermes’ scarves at 250 yuan each suggested moving the discussion to WeChat, a messaging app, where they felt they could chat freely about the craftsmanship of their high-quality copies.” I can corroborate this statement n because the previous bucket bag maker cautiously asked me if we could take our conversation to WeChat. The seller’s representative offered to send more sample photos of the product through that chat site, to show not only how good the quality of their work is, but also to show me the final product of their bags with the actual logo of Chanel with a double C. It was a personally disturbing discovery.

Another method by which these manufacturers evade detection by platform governance teams is to re-label their merchandise. They avoid using the names of the designers in the listing and instead use keywords. For example, the way to search for a Chanel product would be to mention the letter C and another Chinese character (C Jia), or to alter the spelling of the brand. These methods allow manufacturers to bypass detection filters. A Daxue Consulting report also mentioned that some sellers label merchandise as “haute couture.” which would imply “high quality copy”.

Many manufacturers also took notice and would make unique displays of products with almost identical logos, but not exactly the doubles of C/ Chanel. It’s funny, because some bags end up with logos that look like a cross between the double C for Chanel and the double G for Gucci. Many also touch up their images by removing or manipulating logos to showcase their product in a more “legitimate” way that adheres to the rules of the marketplace.

These resellers who claim to “know” where these “VIP gift bags” come from, claim they are made in the factories that make Chanel products. But to claim that those products are “legitimate” or “authentic” is like claiming that there are surplus designer products being resold at a lower price from top brands like Louis Vuitton, and that they are “authentic” because they come from the same factory. Making such an argument in their statement of “fact” (in an attempt to reassure their own buyers that they had already spent thousands of pesos *hundreds of dollars* on that questionable merchandise bearing the unauthorized Chanel logo) would be completely ignorant or malicious. . Luxury brands like Chanel are very protective of their reputations. They do not hesitate to spend millions of dollars each year to ensure proper control and distribution of their products. Case in point: A report published on the BBC in July 2018 detailed how premium British fashion brand Burberry admitted to destroying £28.6m (yes, over £20m) worth of merchandise the previous year, in an attempt to protect your brand. The brand spokesperson mentioned that they have “careful processes to minimize the amount of excess stock we produce.” The report also mentioned that “fashion firms…destroy unwanted items to prevent them from being stolen or sold cheaply.” For premium brands like Chanel, they would have easily done the same, although they wouldn’t have been forced to disclose that information as the French fashion house is still a wholly private company (unlike LV, Burberry, Gucci, which are/are publicly owned). ). -companies listed on the world stock market).

Chanel will not havehas allowed overstock (and wholesale) of its own VIP/GWP giveaways to float on the gray market.


Another story that came out in theBBCabout designer bag manufacturers two years ago he quoted Juan Antonio Sánchez, manager of Ranchel (a leather goods contractor and manufacturer) on the strict demands of the big designer brands that subcontract them for the production of bags: “ We have to sign a confidentiality agreement, then the factory, the manager and all the workers have to sign it.” In every single contract there are very detailed clauses stating that no one can take photos, can’t take the designs or anything to do with the products. Reproducing them outside of contract and reselling them would be a breach of a legally binding contract and is unauthorized and strictly prohibited.

Contractors like Ranchel are what you call “OEMs” or Original Equipment Manufacturers. At some point, designer brands may outsource production to OEMs in an attempt to meet production demands or reduce costs. In the process of awarding them contracts to produce a specified volume of their products, these brands give OEMs perMission to use their trademarks and intellectual property necessary for manufacturing. And while the practice of outsourcing production abroad reduces a company’s own costs and allows for better profit margins, it also creates a great risk that OEMs will take their intellectual property and use it to make additional, unauthorized products on top of their own. agreed products. volume.

Unscrupulous OEMs will take this opportunity to produce more than the authorized volume. Many factories normally work in 2 shifts (within the official hours of operation), and what these unscrupulous factories do is open a 3rd shift for production. A report called this “Ghost Shift or Midnight Shift Manufacturing”, because the factory stays open all night to produce units beyond the authorized volume. In certain cases, some OEMs will even cut corners and use substandard material to reduce their own costs. And the unauthorized produced volume that will be distributed to wholesalers are called Third Shift counterfeit products.


The Chanel leather handbags (with numbered hologram stickers) that sell for thousands of dollars in Chanel boutiques are not made by OEMs, but rather in the brand’s in-house production facilities. So if you hear online touts claiming that the Chanel bags they sell “come from the same manufacturers,” hence their “lower” prices, buyer beware. It is very likely that they will sell you a counterfeit product.


Chanel GWP that are being resold (without the beauty products and beauty samples) but look the same as the ones given as GWP by authorized Chanel Beauty outlets, could have been copies made by fáfactories based on samples purchased from Chanel beauty counters or even their own pre-contracted OEMs. The bottom line is that these unscrupulous OEMs and factories are not allowed to reproduce these products. Unauthorized reproduction of these products by OEMs bearing the Chanel logo or name are classified as third-party counterfeits. These products are not legally authorized by Chanel to be resold or labeled by unauthorized dealers as authentic “Chanel” products, even if they were just GWP (gifts with purchase).

Many of these online resellers and distributors who claim to know these GWP bags as “authentic” Chanel, purchase them in bulk (wholesale) and sell them without Chanel beauty products or samples (which, if these GWPs were purchased legitimately , they would have come with them). As a buyer, that information alone should have already been a red flag for you. These are unscrupulous sellers and distributors who source their inventory from counterfeit manufacturers at low wholesale prices and resell it at high markups.

This is a collage of photos taken from different resellers who posted them to “let” their potential customers know that their “VIP gift” inventory has “arrived”. I personally would be alarmed at the amount of inventory each of them have. And as a buyer, you would be questioning the origins of these products that they sell as “authentic Chanel.”

These resellers are not authorized by Chanel to engage in the resale or bulk distribution of merchandise bearing its logo. And yet they sell them to unsuspecting buyers as “authentic” Chanel merchandise, except that these are “VIP items” given to customers buying beauty products. And some of them leave that disclaimer that the items are not comparable to what is bought in real Chanel boutiques. So here’s the burning question, if they were really authentic and bought directly from authorized Chanel beauty counters (P.S. resellers can show you the receipts these days, but even fake receipts can be easily manufactured), where are they? the Chanel beauty products that should have been? included in these bags? Because the Chanel beauty products that come with GWP always include Chanel beauty samples.

Here are more examples of online resellers/distributors on Instagram who have tagged these fake Chanel bags as “Chanel VIP gifts”.

Photo #1: “Chanel” Black canvas tote with chain straps

The Instagram reseller marked this bag as “Chanel VIP” (Photo Credit: Reseller photo submitted by various Instagram contributors)

Photo #2: “Chanel” Black canvas tote with chain straps

Another Instagram reseller also tagged this bag “Chanel VIP Clutch” (Photo Credit: Reseller photo submitted by various Instagram contributors)

This particular tote bag in Black fabric with chain straps sells for between PhP 10,000 and PhP 12,000 (US$192-$230 equivalent). There’s moreThere are resellers who are selling this very bag on their Instagram accounts, calling it a “VIP gift from Chanel” and are also “accepting pre-orders” for the same bag.

Another exhaustive search on one of the Chinese market platforms returned this result. And while the manufacturer removed the brand name from the bag in its post, its online shoppers posted photo reviews of their purchase, and on those photos, the brand’s full name is imprinted. Talk about getting discovered!

This photo grid contains photos of the same bag from a wholesale manufacturer. And while the manufacturer was Photoshopping the word “Chanel,” two of the customers posted photos reviewing the product, and the photos featured the brand’s name!

The bag shipped from the manufacturer costs €15.23 (equivalent to US$17.05 or PhP 887). The reseller of the same bag has a profit margin of more than 1000%. In fact, it is a very profitable sale for a COUNTERFEIT/FAKE “Chanel VIP” bag.

Here are more examples:

A Black cloth duffel bag is being sold on another Instagram reseller page for PhP 6,000. Some even sell it for PhP 10,000.


Once again, the exact same item is found on one of the Chinese marketplace platforms. The logo once again, conspicuously missing and photoshopped away. But the manufacturers left the word “Paris” so that their potential customers specifically searching for their products would make the association and understand the inference.


At wholesale prices, the bag costs around PhP 1,207 (approx. US$24). And it sells for PhP 6,000, a markup of almost 400%.


After being faced with questions about the origin of these GWPs (I asked these online touts where the bags came from and asked them to provide me with photos of beauty counters that had these bags), Instagram contributors sent me these photos. which mentioned that scalpers posted them on their pages to prove that these bags were, indeed, “at Chanel beauty counters.”

So let me get to that and show you the photos that were sent to me (and the photo below has been brightened by us, because the original photo sent was very dark).


After consulting with 2 of the country’s top commercial photographers about the authenticity of the photo, they unanimously agreed that the bag was, in fact, photoshopped in that display case. And the photoshop job wasn’t exactly well done either. Photo quality was made grainy to avoid scrutiny.

The first photographer I consulted was Filbert Kung, a prominent Los Angeles-based fashion and commercial photographer who has produced countless international magazine covers and editorials, shot for Coca Cola and other beverage campaigns, and recently also covered the red carpet fashion during the Golden Globe Awards this past March. Filbert has been a professional photographer for over 14 years and is very knowledgeable about photo manipulation applications like Photoshop and Lightroom. After lighting the photo,he could immediately discern that the bag was a later addition to the original photo. The photo was doctored to include a bag. “The display case would have originally contained makeup brushes and perhaps another beauty product. Look at the right side of the photo, where the side of the bag partially covered the makeup brush. This would not have been seen if she had not lightened the photo. The bag was definitely photoshopped in that case.”

Commercial photographer and cinematographer Wesley Villarica, who has photographed celebrities and famous athletes such as boxer Floyd Mayweather for Frontrow ads and has also shot the latest Gatorade campaigns, also had this to say about the photo: “The bag was edited with Photoshop. the sides of the bag indicate light sources from the side, which is impossible because there are no visible light sources coming from the sides, inside the glass box. And if there were, the reflections of those lights would have been visible on the sides of the display case.”

Note the makeup brush next to the bag and an invisible light source from the side, when the original photo had no side LED light at all
Note the light source on the side of the bag, and there is no shadow on the bottom of the bag either. If you look closely, the bag appears one diMensional in the photo. There are also marks present on the Surface where the bag was supposed to be. There are many inconsistencies in the photo upon close inspection.

Oh, and before we move on to the next “test,” let me share that the above bag maker is also available on one of the online marketplaces.

Yes, the manufacturer of this bag can add the double C logo for bulk orders.

Here’s another bag that really looked out of place (because it was hastily placed on top of one of the display cases) but was captioned as “proof” that Chanel was giving this bag away as a GWP item.


By the way, this same terry bag sells for between PhP 1,500 and PhP 6,000 on local market platforms and Instagram reseller accounts. Huge price disparity (from US$29 – $117)! And I don’t think Instagram touts can call the cheaper bags “fakes” because that would be like a pot calling a kettle black 🙂


The same logo tote bags shown above are made by this China-based company, and the company is on the Chinese market platform, advertising that same product (but with altered text instead of the logo). All those fake “Chanel VIP gift” terry bags being resold on Instagram and Facebook come from the same manufacturer below.




They may have blacked out the logo, but the photo of the “Chanel Precision” tag is unmistakably present and deliberately on display.

No, we’re not done with the “photos as proof” display yet. Here’s another “at the Chanel counter” bag photo that scalpers claim is proof that leather bags like this are given away like GWP.


Whoever took this photo and captioned the photo as “‘Chanel’ bag (take note, in quotes because this is an articlefake Chanel ass) on the beauty counter” is actually right—because this was a bag that was literally sitting on the Chanel beauty counter. Let’s be honest, anyone who owns a fake Chanel bag can walk up to a counter authorized Chanel beauty shop inside a department store to buy cosmetics.The staff won’t exactly turn them away for wearing a counterfeit (because, unlike the sales associates in a fully-stocked Chanel boutique, these beauty associates aren’t exactly “educated” ” in how to tell a fake Chanel bag from a real one). So anyone can literally walk up to a Chanel counter with a fake Chanel bag, leave the bag on the counter, and take a picture of their fake bag. What is it what this photo shows. If this was a Chanel beauty GWP, it wouldn’t have put itself in a rather awkward position, covering up the other products.

This is another so-called “VIP gift from Chanel” or Chanel GWP photo.


How do I interpret this photo? In the same way I interpreted the photo that preceded this one. This doesn’t look like a baggage that this Chanel beauty counter offers. It was hastily placed next to the counter for photographic purposes. I’d also like to address the fact that the so-called “VIP gift” cart pictured in that photo looks remarkably like the one from Chanel during the FW2014-2015 show I attended in Paris, the exact same piece I saw with my own eyes. , and later photographed.


It must be said that Chanel would never jeopardize her own leather goods business by giving away Oversized products similar to those she would sell in her boutiques. The photo posted by one of the resellers on Instagram claiming that the cart is an “authentic GWP” item is a hoax. Chanel Beauty would NEVER give away a trolley like their main Chanel FW 2014-2015 leather goods collection. Again, why would Chanel Beauty compete with Chanel Fashion (both under one company but operating separately) and give away carts that look exactly like the ones sold in Chanel’s leather goods department? Wouldn’t Chanel Fashion customers simply go to the Chanel Beauty counters to buy $500 worth of products to get that cart, instead of spending $5,000+ on that cart at the Chanel boutique?

Plus, GWP items wouldn’t have been hastily placed around Chanel beauty counters like this. This photo could have been produced and distributed by anyone who brought that bag to the counter, left it by the chair, and photographed it just to use it as “evidence.” Perhaps the producer of this photo forgot one thing: Chanel is very, very particular and meticulous when it comes to visual merchandising.

In an academic dissertation on luxury, graduate professors Shin’ya Nagasawa and Yusuke Irisawa of Waseda University, Japan, discussed the strategies behind Chanel’s beauty products, stating that “Chanel places so much importance on quality, and the company has achieved a competitive advantage through the spartan approach… The underlying principle of managing technology by making the most of it, from lighting toFrom the ceilings in the makeup counters [while department stores are subject to various restrictions regarding retail space, Chanel was able to get approval to customize lighting], to the mirrors they use [which are developed in-house and have diodes edge-embedded light emitters, with 5 different types of light], is Coco Chanel’s Chanel philosophy is that everything Chanel offers is designed to bring out the best in Chanel wearers.”

The study served to confirm one thing: everything that bears the Chanel brand and logo goes through the strictest quality controls. Something as painstakingly detailed as the overhead lights on the counter would have gone through layers upon layers of testing to give your customers a near-perfect experience. Chanel will not allow its brand reputation to be tarnished by sub-standard products bearing its logo or name. Richard Collasse, Chanel’s new head of Travel retail and former president of Chanel’s Japan subsidiary for more than 30 years, summed up Chanel’s corporate philosophy: “Chanel has 3 business areas: Fashion, Fragrance & Beauty, Watches and jewelry under the sole name of the brand. We have been focusing efforts to specialize in the respective areas, instead of looking for them as side businesses of the fashion segment.” Chanel executives leave no stone unturned when it comes to operations in each of these business areas.

In an article published in Daxue Consulting, a 2018 Global Brand Counterfeiting Report stated that global losses of $323 billion were due to counterfeiting, with handbag companies alone accounting for $20 billion of that. amount. A recent story in the South China Morning Post emphasized that Chanel is extremely protective of its brand image, and in recent years has even taken legal action against thrift markets such as The Real Real and What Goes Around Comes Around, both with US based

Chanel and Chanel SAS president of fashion, Bruce Pavlovsky, noted that “what is not acceptable is counterfeits and we see a lot of counterfeits in these markets, including those that focus on the second-hand market. It’s very important that if you have a Chanel label, you can guarantee the best to your customers, so when you go to a market and you think you’re buying a genuine piece but it’s a fake, that’s not acceptable, and we at Chanel will continue to strive to avoid it. We need to be more protective than ever because it’s about respect for our customers and, at the end of the day, brand safety.”

If the information above is still not enough to convince you that these are not authentic Chanel “VIP Gift Bags”, nor are they authentic Chanel GWP products coming directly from Chanel Authorized Beauty Counters, they should at least already convince you that that products advertised as such have questionable authenticity. At the end of the day, it’s up to you, the buyer, to decide what you’ll do: will you forgo buying these questionable (too-good-to-be-true-priced) products that continueAre you smearing online marketplaces and platforms in favor of saving money to buy directly from Chanel, or will you support the proliferation of counterfeit designer goods?

Of the latter, Chanel has this official statement:


blankThe choice is entirely up to you. But Chanel has officially warned you via the message above: “If the deal sounds too good to be true, they’ll probably sell you a fake.” So now, you can’t say you made a purchase without knowing it. All the information I’ve collected and put together in this painfully long post should already be enough for you to make an informed decision.

As for the resellers who continue to sell these fake Chanel “VIP Gift Bags” as the real thing, it may be helpful for you to look at some of the examples of lawsuits against counterfeiters to give you an idea of ​​the penalties and fines you may face. to reach an agreement in case Chanel files a lawsuit : Chanel sentence 1, Chanel sentence 2, Chanel sentence 3

The sale of counterfeit merchandise isn’t going to stop anytime soon, but you, as a buyer, have the choice not to support this thriving but illegal industry. And personally I hope you choose well.

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